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SkyAITechnologies works in the field of AI based Technology product development and also custom software services.

About Us

SkyAI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Information Technology company,
 founded in 2019, located in Kanpur, India.

SkyAI is a technology solution provider it’s area of expertise include Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Machine Learning, IOT solutions, Customized softwares and Enterprise SaaS products. With broad portfolio of business and technology solutions SkyAI helps clients improve their business performance. Our products and services help our clients solve their problems, meet their goals, keep their competitive edge, keep pace with the speed of business. Our objective is to work along with you and help you achieve your business goals.


We specialize in providing tailor made solutions which cater to a all types of industries. Our solutions are used to automate various business processes. We provide the cutting edge to your business, which is the key to having success in to-days competitive market scenario. We train custom AI/ML models as per your requirements. We love working with python so that’s the development environments we use in our applications. 

AI/ML Based Solutions

AI based applications development and training of custom AI models.

Computer Vision

Development of customised Computer Vision applications for Industry specific needs.

Web Apps

Development of web based custom applications

Windows Apps

Development of custom windows applications and apps


Personalized Recommendation system

Provide personalized experience to users on your website.

Anti Drones System

Detect drones in real time in your vicinity and raise an alarm.

Vision based precision landing

This is vision based landing software for drones giving them precision landing capabilities.

On-board module for drones

Fully configured onboard module for adding vision capabilities to drones

Face Mask Detection

Alerts whenever someone is spotted without a mask.

Face Recognition And VIP Customer alert

Customer management system using facial recognition technology

Object detection in Aerial Images

Computer vision based solutions


Currently we have a small but enthusiastic team of highly qualified developers working under constant supervision of our CEO Sarvagy Shukl
Sarvagy Shukl

CEO, B.Tech M.Tech IIT Kanpur

Shefali Bajpai

Chief Finance Officer

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